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Cycling in… Moravské Budějovice and its surroundings

At the top of the project cake there was a visit of Germany, Italy, Spain and Turkey in the Czech Republic. We met in a town called Moravské Budějovice (my home town), which is located in the south Moravian part in the Czech Republic. Our time together started on 2nd May and finished on 6th May. We, as host students, had properly prepared the rooms for foreign students at our homes. The teachers were accommodated in hotel Stern.

The first unpleasant surprise appeared already on the first day, because our partners from Turkey were unable to take off from Istanbul airport due to the strong fog.

On Tuesday we finally started project activities. We spend the morning in the building of SOŠ (since our school consists of 2 parts, Gymnázium and SOŠ, this is one of them), where our headmaster made a welcome speech. Then we got some information about organisation and cycling safety in Czechia. After great lunch we took a bus and went (with bicycles in the bus trailer) to the Rumburak tower and the Bítov castle. While we were sightseeing the castle our Turkish friends came at last! WE left the castle, took our bicycles and rode along so called Gázl’s paths to “Masthaus”, where everyone could taste our traditional picnic meal, the roasted/fried sausages. Despite very raw weather all the day, we managed to do everythe we had intended to.

The third day (Wednesday) was maybe the most attractive day for the most of foreign students, because we guided them through our capital – Prague. They were provided to see all well-known sightseeings, buy souvenirs or visit some shopping centres.

Thursaday morning could be named a school morning. Every Czech sudent received the opportunity to show his school, classrooms, labs etc. to his guest friend. We devoted the upcoming afternoon again to the main idea of the project and rode our bikes to 10 km far charming castle Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou. This baroque castle is endowed with beautiful park, which is suitable for walks. The weather was finally so nice, that everyone enjoyed the ride and walking through the castle and park.

It was obvious that everything had to end, although it was lovely. There was a farewell party in the evening. It was so strange, nobody was willing to leave.. We were talking, eating, dancing, crying,...

Italy group left on Friday morning. The rest of our guests came to Gymnázium to watch “the last ringing” of students who were finishing the secondary school and taking the leaving exam that year. In the early afternoon we had to say goodbye to teams from Turkey and Spain (Mallorca). For the people who survived the departures, it means the Czechs and Germans, Czech teachers organised a bowling match for the last afternoon. In the very morning the German team also departed from Moravské Budějovice.

We hope that all our guests liked the prepared activities, sightseeing or Czech meals. In spite of incorrect order for weather, all the aims were reached. This meeting concluded 2-year-lasting Comenius project, however many participants hope to another (maybe informal) meeting.

 See ya all!