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My second Moravské diary

By veronika.puchnerova - Posted on 12 June 2011

I would like to write something about the amazing week when foreign students came here to Moravské.
Monday 2nd May
In the evening the foreign students came to Moravské by bus. We introduced each other and I met my guest for next few days – Isaac. Then we went home, because the students were quite tired after a long journey.
Tuesday 3rd May
In the morning we went to school to a welcome meeting to see the programme of the week . We had lunch at school and after lunch we went to Bítov castle by bus, because the weather was too cold. We visited tower Rumburak, there was a beautiful view of our country side. If the weather wasn´t so foggy, we could have seen even to Austria. After that we went to the Bítov castle and we took a tour of the castle. We could have seen many interesting artifacts and stuffed animals. We went from Bítov by bicycle to Moravské, but on the way through a forest we met „highwaymen“, that gave us hot tea or coffee and some sausages and wafers. On the way to Moravské me and Isaac stayed in my village, so we didn´t have to go more 4 km to Moravské and back again.
Wednesday 4th May
Our foreign guests went with us to Prague, but I couldn ´t go with them, because I went to Pardubice for an excursion through chemical univesity with my class. I was sad about it, but I wanted to see the university. I am sorry I can´t say more about this surely great day. J
Thursday 5th May
This was a perfect day. We went to school and then to Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou by bicycyles. There is a beautiful baroque castle. We had a tour through the castle and learned something about its history. Then we had some time to go through the castle gardens which are very very beautiful. It was quite nice weather, so it was a nice walk. When we came back home we could re-dress and go to evening farewell party. It was on Thursday, because some of the guests were leaving already on Friday morning. The party was great, we had so much fun and danced a lot together.
Friday 6th May
This was quite sad day, because my friend Isaac had to leave in the morning. When we sad goodbye to each other I went to my school to see the „last ringing“ with other companions from the project. After that I, Simona and Turkish students went to buy some souvenirs in the town. Then we had lunch at school, I said goodbye to everybody and went home.
I have to say that this week was wonderful and I am really glad that I met all those great people who were so friendly. I hope to see you all again soon!! :* (soon I will add some photos ;) )