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Bremen Überseestadt

By ben_ger - Posted on 16 March 2011

Bremen überseestadt

Bike Tour through the Bremen harbour

Start - Train Station Bremen

Leg 1

From the main station to the Schlachte

We start a tour at the train station in the city center. We get to a park, which is called the Wallanlagen. There is a pond in between and can only be crossed by little bridges. A few hundred years ago they played an important role for Bremen’s protection for their citizens. Before we reach the river we come upon Bremen’s biggest museum of art, the Kunsthalle. Only 200 meters and we come to the end of our first leg. From there we are able to have a look at our soccer stadium the Weserstadion in which Werder Bremen plays its  matches. It fits about 50.000 people!

Leg 2

From the Schlachte to the Landmark tower

We ride our bikes along the river and get to see the nice pubs, restaurants and little ships on the water. We reach the end of the promenade and come to the Europahafen, where they reconstructed old lofts into offices. We keep going and cycle right next to the river. When we come to the end of the road we can enjoy the lovely look at the water around us, mews and other birds from the coast.

Leg 3

We turn around and take the way back to the Ueberseehafen. From there we take course at the old fire station, mill and coffee company. If we have time we could even visit the port museum, which in the building of art university and shows old and new high angled pictures of the area. It is very interesting to see the development of the area within so many years.

Leg 4


We take the way back to the city and ride our bikes through the Wallanlagen again.

On that way you can see the so called "Goethe Theater" which is a popular theatre in Bremen. Also we pass the library which is located near the "Viertel", a scene quarter.

After some nice driving activity you''ll be able to have a nice view on the "Schlachte" where you can find nice pubs and restaurants. Fortunately you can also see the Weser, Bremens most beautiful river.

At the time, Bremen develops a new and modern district where people can work, live and consume: The Überseestadt! In this district you'll find new types of architecture, interesting buildings as well as storehouses and lofts!
Another feature of the Überseestadt is the Europahafen which can be translated as "European harbour".

After that, you will find yourself located near the Roland mill, a mill which nearly burned down some years ago. This would have been very sad because cereals from all over the world are made out of this special meal!

Another interesting aspect for the trusty coffee drinker is Kaffee Hag. They discovered caffeinefree coffee!

We finish the ride near the old Holzhafen.

Road surface: 



This is one of the most interesting cycling routes along Bremen’s river Weser. It shows the historical background and development of our old harbour and the new changes which come through the area. New architecture and modern buildings have replaced the old lofts and storehouses for a new use of offices. Moreover the university of art has become a significant building in this new suburb, which is called the Ueberseestadt. It’s a place for people to work and to live, especially the Landmark tower is a good example of luxury living.