You are hereFirst meeting - 21-25 September Inca

First meeting - 21-25 September Inca

First Meeting
Inca, Illes Balears
21-25 September 2009
Programme for participants
ITIS Marconi – Gorgonzola – Italy
Alfredo Boccasile
Anna Boschetti
Allvar Gullstrandgymnasiet – Landskrona – Sweden
Kerstin Tufvesson
Inger Lindstorm
Sophia Weiland
Marcus Kulpac Bach
Gymnasium Horn – Bremen – Germany
Elisabeth Waltke
Kamilla Winnicka
Schirin Senger
Tanita Schebitz
Helen Seitz
Gymnázium a SOŠ, Moravské Budějovice - Czech Republic
František Dubský
Karel Varhaník
IES Pau Casesnoves – Inca – Spain
Joan M. Mass
Joana Prohens Salom
Miguel Reinés
- Schools presentations
- Meeting objectives:
1.Define information to be uploaded on the website
2.Provider, software and site features choice
3.Students activities up to next meeting
4.Students exchanges
5.Programming and web developing
6.Teachers activities
7.Define next meeting date and place
8.Define on-line meetings dates
9.Start working on proposal for a logo
10.URL choice
11.Define evaluation criteria and methods
Discussion, decisions, assignments
First agenda item:
Teachers and/or students present all the schools to other partners
Second agenda item:
The coordinator presents all meeting objectives which are thoroughly discussed during the diffferent sessions with the following outcome:
  1. It is agreed that the following information should be gathered and uploaded:
- Photos
- Maps (Google map)
- Route condition
- Sight points
- History
- Climate
- Rest points
- Cool places
Future ideas will be evaluated, especially after the site will be tested
  1. After a short discussion everybody agrees on choosing Altair (ITIS Marconi provider) proposal for 400€ hosting and support
The site will be implemented using DRUPAL open source content management system. On the site there will be: an e-mail address for visitor's suggestons – a forum to leave comments – PDF files for easy printing – Google Earth maps and links – weather informations and/or links.
  1. Students will develop a questionnaire on bike use to be discussed and defined during next meeting and will also develop ideas for a project logo. The logo should be “euro-like” with a common image for the web-site and a specific country image for each different partner.
German and Swedish students who are attending the meeting, will write a diary of their experience to be published on the web-site
  1. For next year the following students exchanges are settled:
- Italy-Spain
- Germany-Sweden
  1. All the programming and web-developing will be in charge of the Italian and Spanish partners with the help of Swidish students.
  1. Teachers will start coordinating students work and will take care of gathering and giving to the other partners all students e-mail addresses so that students from different countries will have the possibility to start knowing each other and exchange ideas and suggestions. They will also start using the forum which will be implemented on the web-site to echange information and ideas
  1. Next meeting will be held in Bremen- DE on April 12th to 16th
8. On-line meetings date will beheld at 14:00 CET using Skype on
Wed November 25th
Wed February 4th
9. The Swedish and German students present their first draft for the project
10. The chosen URL to be registered by ITIS Marconi will be “”
11. It is decided to postpone to next meeting evaluation methods and criteria
After a brief overview of a DRUPAL system features the meeting closes on Thursday, September 24th .
Follow-up action
Next meeting
Date, time, place (if it changes)
A description of any action that someone committed to work on or complete before the next meeting
The person or group who committed to the action
Date and time for completion or ASAP, soon, or next week.