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By omercan94 - Posted on 23 November 2010


Surface Features in Trabzon

Eastern Black Sea Part is not so convenient for cycling in geographical aspects as the mountains lie parallel to the coast and eventually the continental shelf is too narrow.The mountains start to rise very close to the shore and they make the transportation to the inner lands of the region difficult.Therefore,it is not that possible to cycle inward from the coastal areas.The best place to travel by bike is the coastline along the sea on that narrow continental shelf.


A First in Trabzon

There has never been a path in Trabzon that could be considered as a cycling route,on which cyclists can safely travel or a lane specially designed for cyclists.However,in the summer of 2010,a cycling route designed only for cyclists started to be constructed next to the rubber trekking path,which starts from the very west of Beşirli and ends in the centre of Trabzon within the work of the construction project that has been put into practice with the decision of Trabzon Municipality.In this way,bicycles and the practice of cycling have started to gain more importance also in Trabzon as in other parts of the world,especially in Europe.


Apart from the cycling path now under construction,the one that we document here within our Comenius project “Cycling in Europe” and that we have been cycling on starts in Beşirli quarter in Trabzon and extends for about 7 km along the coastline in the east.It ends at Trabzon Imperial Tea Garden where the tunnel sratrs.If desired,it can also be followed starting at the tea garden to Beşirli and the length can be extended to 13-14 km. by going back to the centre.It lies next to the motorway and only for joggers and cyclists.

There are some sightpoints on the way worth seeing and known to be important.Among these are Higha Sofia Museum,Hüseyin Avni Aker Football Stadium,Martyr’s Memorial and the seafront of Trabzon,which has been given a new face.

Trabzon is a city important nationwide also in terms of sport avtivities and where the 2010 European Youth Olympic Games will be held in August.Some statutes and structures designed and erected for the sake of EYOG can also be seen while cycling on the path.

Road surface: 

Rainy in all seasons,mild winters,humid and hot summers


Miletos people of Ion origin came to the Black Sea Region in the 7th century B.C. and set up colonies on the coastal areas.Trabzon is considered to have been one of those colonies the center of which was Sinop and many researchers point out this period as the city's first establishment.However,such native peoples as Kolhks,Drills and Macrons had only been living in the surroundings of Trabzon.

Having come under the dominion of Persians in the 6th century B.C.,Trabzon remained within the satrapy called Pont Cappadocia.

Macedonian King Alexander The Great put an end to all the Persian sovereignty in Anatolia in the year of 334 B.C.

During the civic turmoil that was caused after the sudden death of Alexander,Pont Satrapy Mithridates,the son of II.Ariantes established Pontus State in the Black Sea Region with the support of local people.Trabzon remained within the borders of the State of Pontus,the center of which was Amasya in the year of 280 B.C.

In 66 B.C. Trabzon came under the Roman rule.The period of  Empire began in 27 B.C. in Rome with Augustus.During the reign of Emperor Nero (54-68) the city gained the privilege of being a free city.Trabzon is defined as a "famous" and "rich" city during this period in the books of historians.

During the reign of famous Roman  Emperor Hadrian (117-138),major development activities were made in Trabzon as well as in all the lands of the empire.Many religious and military buildings,roads,aqueducts and an artificial harbour whose ruins could be seen until recently were constructed.The bright period in Trabzon ended after Hadrian and the authority for coinage was taken back from Trabzon in the year of 244.The front faces of the coins minted during the Roman period of Trabzon had a bust of Roman emperors and their own mythological figures ongoing since the time of the Kingdom of Pontus could be seen on the backside of the coins with Greek writing on them.

When Roman Empire was divided into two in 395,Trabzon remained within the boundaries of Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire,where the center was Istanbul.

Legs in this cycling route: