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S'Albufera-port d'Alcúdia

By leni.villalonga - Posted on 04 November 2010

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Starting point: 
The main square in Can Picafort
End point: 
Port d'Alcúdia
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Despite the bad weather and the long way to Alcúdia we finally arrived, but we were all tired even exhausted and we all just wanted a warm spot to cover up! To do that we went to have lunch at a restaurant and had to get back to Can Picafort but the weather got worse and our teacher called the bus driver and they came and took us back to Inca!
Aerial view of Port d'Alcúdia

We were glad that we could make the route despite the bad weather and that the Italians could see our beach. But we had a short time to show all the great things that we have in Mallorca, but thanks to that we won an important thing : new friends!


The city of Alcúdia is located between the bay of Pollença and the bay of Alcúdia on the northwest side of Majorca. The first inhabitants occupied Alcúdia in 2000 BC (pretalayotic period) until the arrival of the Romans in the year 123 BC , when Cecilio Metelo founded Pollentia. In the 5th century, the Barbarians destroyed the town but, in the 10th century, the Muslims occupied Mallorca for 300 years. Afterwards, in 1325, the Catalans arrived at the island, built the walls and fortified the city. In the16th century there were some crisis and epidemics and lots of people died. Finally, in the 20th century, tourists began to arrive at our island  and the economy of Alcudia started to rely on tourism.