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Can Picafort-Alcúdia (Mallorca)

By leni.villalonga - Posted on 26 October 2010

First of all we met at the school entrance and almost cancelled the tour because of the bad weather. But we finally decided to make the route despite the bad weather and we set off with the bus to Can Picafort where there were our bicycles. When we arrived at the shop everyone took a bicycle and started the cycling route to Alcúdia. On our way we stopped by and visited the S’Albufera Park where we could see different kind of birds from a special hut designed for birdwatching.


Road surface: 

At that moment our good luck turned up in the worst nightmare!

It started to rain and we had to make a long journey.

A long time ago the Romans came to the island of Mallorca. In the city of Alcúdia we can find the Roman city of Pollentia. It is  the best preserved Roman site in Mallorca. The island was conquered by Quintus Cecillius Metellus in 123 BC. The Romans built several settlements on the island but only Palma and Pollentia (Alcúdia) have been identified.

Legs in this cycling route: