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Inca to Selva

By leni.villalonga - Posted on 22 October 2010

Cycling route: 
Inca-Selva (Mallorca)
Leg number: 
Starting point: 
Inca, by the high school Pau Casesnoves
End point: 
The main square of the town in Selva
Lenght (km): 
Road surface: 

We began our trip from Inca. The cycling route is very well signalled with wooden arrows which show  the path.The road isn't busy,but there can be cars sometimes,so you have to be careful. The route is mainly flat, but it has a big hill towards the end.The duration of the route is of 2 hours approx. There aren't many houses or buildings. You can also see "torrents" , which are rivers that only have water in them when it has rained. There is a beautifull view of the villages of Selva,Caimari and the Tramuntana moutains.


Inca is a small city of the north of Mallorca.It is very rich in culture,due to the ammount of people from different countries. It is famous for the production of leather products and shops like Camper.It is also very well known for "Dijous bo" ,an annual fair where many people from all over the island go to.Selva is a small village,part of a municipality formed by five villages. It also  has a history of leather production,but it is also well known for the agriculture of many trees and plants.


On the route you will be able to see the typical Tramuntana landscape: Orange,olive,almond,lemon trees, sheep , goats, pigs and orchaids in the fields. A good time to do the route is in January or February, because the almond trees have white and pink flowers and there are baby sheep in the fields all around. The Tramuntana mountains have snow on them in the winter,but it rarely snows in Inca or in Selva.