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Bremen - Riding a bike on a dike

By kevin_ger - Posted on 18 August 2010

The start of the tour is at the school's gym. After a little ramp up onto the "Jan-Reiners-Weg" you turn right and follow the way (over the bridge and over the highway) until you reach the dike. On the way, you see some beautiful parts of the landscape. For example, you pass the "Naturschutzgebiet Hollerland" with many rare and endangered species of animals, especially birds. There are also many trenches because farming is done here.
When you finally reach the dike, you turn left.
Now you follow the way until you pass the wind engine, then you turn right. During the whole way, you will see many cows, at least when you visit in summer. When you reach the watergate, you can either go straight on and go for a delicious scoop of ice cream (see the other German route) or turn left and follow the "Kuhgrabenweg". You might see some fishermen on this way. After a ramp and a bridge that crosses the highway, you will see a restaurant on your right. If you want you can play some miniature golf there. Afterwards you continue to go straight on. When you reach the "Haus am Walde", you turn left and pass the "Universum Science Center", which is an interactive and very interesting "museum". It's not the typical museum because you really have the chance to discover things on your own and there are some attractions like the "earthquake couch" which simulates an earthquake. It's really very recommendable!
You can end the tour here. If you want to go back to the starting point, the school, you turn left after you have passed the university on the left. Then you go straight on until you reach the motorway feeder where you turn right and cross the street at the traffic lights. Finally you see a small passage to a parking space on your left. You go this way and use the ramp to get back on the Jan-Reiners-Weg. Now you turn left and after some meters you're back at the point where you first got up onto the Jan-Reiners-Weg.

Some additional information concerning the map: The red line reprents the tour described in the text. The green line is a shortcut if you want to return directly to school after having been at the restaurant where you can play miniature golf. If you want to take this shortcut, you don't get to see the "Universum Science Center", which is a real pity, but if you're short on time, you might want to take the shortcut. To do so, you just turn left at the restaurant with the miniature golf field. Then you always go straight on until you're at the parking space which leads up to the Jan-Reiners-Weg. It's really as simple as that :)
The blue squares stand for restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal for a relatively low price.

So, enjoy the tour! :)

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