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Imbersago - Lecco

By Chiara Romanato - Posted on 22 June 2010

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Traghetto di Leonardo
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The starting point is the famous ferry of Imbersago, which was designed by Leonardo da Vinci. The ferry arrives from the left bank , Villa d' Adda , more easy to reach coming from Lecco and Bergamo.The river begins to flow between two wooded slopes. After two and a half km you meet the first of the great powerhouse of this section , the Semenza , built in 1920. After this you can see under the great and the famous iron bridge of Paderno d' Adda (Ponte San Michele). Now the river opens into a flat landscape and a few kilometers after standing out here on the right the profile of the central Esterle , built by Edison in 1914 in pure Art Nouveau. The road reaches Trezzo d' Adda and its castle tower.


In the surrounding area of Imbersago are known human presence from the Middle Paleolithic. In the area settlements on stilts took over the Celts, after conquered by the Romans.
The medieval history of the country sees the town out in favor of the Guelphs, and as a contact point between the area of Milan and the Republic of Venice.

The oldest document confirming the existence of Brivio is a deed of 960. In reality, the nucleus of Brivio was already inhabited by Roman, as shown by marble slabs dated around the third and fourth centuries.
In 1726 (the period of Austrian rule in Italy) the parish of Brivio included the following municipalities: Upper and Lower Verderio, Merate, Novate, Imbersago, Pianezzo, Brivio, Calco, Mondonico, Olgiate, Aizurro, Sartirana Paderno, Airuno and Arlate.
A Brivio, near the Adda, we find an excellent example of an industrial building. Carozzi is the textile mill, built before 1875.
Remember that once the river Adda was the state border between the Republic of Venice and the Duchy of Milan, Brivio, then, was for many years, a border town.

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