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From the city to the land of milk and honey and happy cows

By Katrin_ger - Posted on 20 June 2010

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In front of the St. Petri Dom in the city
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Our trip startsin  front of the St. Petri Dom in the city centre. From there we will ride to the Bürgerpark, our first stop.
It s the biggest park in Bremen (->history)
Better watch out, the paths are a bit confusing and you might get lost.
Dont forget to look at the Park Hotel, the most expensive noble hotel in Bremen,
you can recognise it by the pont with the water fountaine.
Next to it we will enter the BÜRGERPARK which could be translated with "Citizen Park"
Within you have to watch out for families with little children, who like to spend their freetime there.


The Bürgerpark ("Citizen Park")

It is a 143 year old park in the middle of Bremen, a wonderful place to relax or to do sports.
It exists a legend about the formation, the legend of countess Emma von Lesum.The park is founded of charitable donations:
Every year, the “ Bürgerpark Tombola” is organizied to finance it. 
Many people love the park park, because of the nice opportunities to relax.

There is a jogging track, a vivarium, a playground, sometimes concerts and more!!!


It worked :)