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Martina Pacasova

By martina.pacasova - Posted on 10 June 2010

Name & Surname: Martina Pacasova
Age: 18
Nationality: Czech
Role: student
School: Secondary Grammar School Moravske Budejovice
Icq: 403 148 071
Skype: martina.pacasova

Ciao everybody :)

I am Martina. My loves are motorcycles, cars and speed - I need it (I know, I am crazy :D)
I like meeting new people, cooking, travelling and eating.
My motto is "Carpe diem" - anywhere, everytime.
I fell that I do something good because this project is great and so important for this world  where is to much smog and so on.. :(
I look forward to meet you!

Take care :-)

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