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Moravské Budějovice - Bítov

By frantisek dubsky - Posted on 04 May 2010

The Vysočina (the Highland) is an extensive mountain range having the character of undulating upland. It is located in the middle part of the Czech Republic and it is one of the solely domestic tourist regions. The region belongs among the ecologically cleanest areas of the Czech Republic. Even for its harsh climate, it is still an attractive tourist place of interest. Especially the excellent conditions for an active rest and sports activities are being offered here. You will find here large-scale forests, meadows, plains, small villages, fishponds, even a number of attractions and sights. Many rural farmhouses are engaged in the agricultural tourism, you can do mushrooming and fishing here, or you can set out for a hike along some of the marked hiking routes. There are very suitable terrains for bicycle riding here, even for the horse riding as well.

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Best periods to visit this area are Spring and Autumn, but winter could be also interesting. Average temperature is 20 in Summer.....


History of Bítov castle

Bítov is one of the oldest and most romantic castles in our country. The first written notes about the castle come from the years of 1061 – 1067, and today, its image reflects itself in the surface of the Vranov dam. The originally wooden castle had been replaced by the rocky one, and its western knife-edged tower has been preserved. After extinction of the Přemyslide Dynasty, for more than 200 years, the castle became the property of Lichtemburk Dynasty. During their reign in 1334, the core of the Chapel of “Nanebevzetí Panny Marie” (the Assumption of the Virgin) was created. It is now the base of the today’s palace. After extinction of the Lichtemburk Dynasty, many owners took place of the castle ownership. During the years of Daun Dynasty reign in 1811 – 1863, the desolating castle had been reconstructed into the today’s Gothic appearance. The last owner had been the industrial magnate called Baron Jiří Haas of Haasenfels until the year of 1945. His son Jiří Jr. transferred the castle to the largest private zoological garden in Europe of that time. Currently the castle houses the popular exhibition of the 51 stuffed dogs of the various breeds.

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