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Second Meeting

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On Monday the 12th of April the students from five different countries (Sweden, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic) arrived in Germany. The Swedish people even came the day before. Everyone was exited for the following week and to get to know their new exchange partners and host families.

Tuesday we met at the cafeteria in the German school, Gymnasium Horn. We played a few warm-up activities to get to know each other and had a second breakfast. Afterwards we went outside and did a security training for those who are not used to ride a bike. One teacher from Turkey needed more help because she never rode a bike before but she learned it really quickly and did a great job! In the afternoon after we had lunch we divided into two groups, teachers and students mostly, to do the first cycling tours. Each group did a different one with a few stops in between to learn something about the area and places we visited. In the evening we met in the city centre to do a guided tour with a man who dressed up like someone in the middle-ages. He told us a lot about the history of Bremen and even though everyone was freezing it was really interesting. After that exhausting day everyone went home to get some sleep.

Wednesday we attended to different classes to see how school is like in Bremen. Then we had a meeting where we were divided into four international groups to select a logo for our website and to form a questionnaire about the project. In the afternoon there was another cycling tour for the same groups of the day before. The students group finished their trip with a tasty ice cream. Afterwards everyone went home and had the evening free.

Thursday we were in the computer room of Gymnasium Horn and everyone did something different to improve the website of the “Cycling-across-Europe” project. Some people wrote diary entries and some summarised the program of the week. We had a few snacks in between and had some lunch later on. Everyone was looking forward to see the inside of the town hall of Bremen, a very old building which we got to see Tuesday night. Because that is what we did in the afternoon. This day was pretty short in contrast to the days before so everyone could do what they wanted. Most of us decided to spend the rest of the day to do some shopping.

Friday morning the volcano still smoked and the Spaniards, Turkmen and Italians couldn’t fly home. But it didn’t matter because we worked on the project.
So we all had the opportunity to have a party in the evening. We met at the youth club at 7 o’clock in the evening. There was food and drinks for everybody. There were many activities e.g. dancing to music, talking and table football. the teacher and students all had a lot of fun. When the music switched to Jimi Hendrix and The Who the adults went crazy and started dancing.

Elisabeth (Spain) and Franziska (Germany) and Dörte (Germany)

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