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What type of rules do cyclists have to respect?

By DrupalAdm - Posted on 16 April 2010

Write what do you think about that, please.

  • We must be careful because we can hurt people.
  • We must respect cyclıng rules - for example: we must have helmet, cyclıng gloves and suıtable clothes and boots.
  • We must use lıghts and reflectors.
  • We must drınk often.
  • We must care about our bıkes - ıf they are safe enought.

The only thıng I dıd not lıke the ocassıonal rubbısh. But you can not prevent ıt everywhere...

If more people use thıs route for example to go to school, there can be less aır pollutıon.

You have right...but if somebody is like me, he don't have time for riding on bicycle to school :-D (people like me = people who loves sleeping and they sleep very long tıme...)

We think Czech people have maybe better bicycles. We think that is because of Czech use bicycles more often than people in Turkey.

  1. Cyclists have to wear helmet.
  2. Cyclists have to wear elbow and knee pad.
  3. Cyclists must be respectful to traffic regulations.
  4. Cyclists have to have bicycles with light


Cyclıng route ın Trabzon
Thıs route was very dıfferent than cyclıng route ın Czech republıc. It was very ınterestıng and nıce rıde a bıke and watch the sea. And the town from other sıde.I like the distributions of routes for cyclists and pedestrians. New cyclıng route made are great, but old ones are not so comfortable. I enjoyed the exercise apparatus. Take the opportunity to buy in the way of water and snacks are very good.

Why isn't here the button I like it?

"Yıldız has just liked it." :D

There are important trade roads next to our cycling route.
And the route is suitable for use 24 hours a day.

I think this project is very good for us. Tiring but so much fun to ride a bicycle.

What we thınk about Trabzon cyclıng route
- Bad smog from the cars .
- Along the sea – better than on road wıth lots of cars
- It’s dıfıcult to choose a cyclıng route wıthout aır pollutıon, because there are evrywhere lots of cars
- It’s good because of the excercıse poınts
- You have got a specıal path for bıkers
- It’s fıne that ıt’s flat

for example ın the Czech republıc you have to use helmet, lıghts and retros

Our cycling route is starting parallel of the city and sea.
There is an walking route left of the our cycling route.

If we don't know exactly riding bicycle , we should not riding in traffic.
And we must wear appropriate. :)

we thınk you are really rıght

Also they should know about rules like the one that you're not allowed to phone or listen to music while riding a bike...
And they should know where you are allowed to ride a bike and where not

I think the cyclists should know about the trafic lights and signs. So they can protects themselves against the danger in the streets. That's all of my ideas for now.. :)

I think you are right Hilal.:}