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What can we do to make cycling route more common?

By DrupalAdm - Posted on 16 April 2010

Give your suggestion please. :-)

We think the way is good because when you ride you can see the sea.
if you need drinks or some food you can buy ıt in supermarket near.
The polutıon ıs danger for cyclıst because near the cyclıng way ıs a busy way for cars.
We have to use helmet because it is more safer.

We should take helmet on our head, because when we have an accident if we don't have a helmet we can hurt us.
We can take some medicine, because we can have an accident.
We can take some water.
We prefer cycling road for cycling, not on the traffic, because it is dangerous.
If we are with our friends we should be careful, we should not make a joke.

   From Sara and Kübra :)

  1. We can protest.
  2. We can speaking with people about cycling.
  3. We can show (tell) people, that cycling ıs healthy.
  4. We can wrıte some artıcles to the newspapers about cycling.
  5. TV reportagers can make reportage about cycling to more common.


We know that cycling isnt that common in some cities. So we want to make cycling more common. We have some ideas with my friends ; Aziz and Gizem. Hope the ideas which we'll tell you help for this suggestions. but we'll tell them from our own account

    We can arrange cycling tours around the cycling route with the people who don't take place in this project. The tours can be regular.. Maybe every weekend... : )

 Well, maybe ur right but people in our city have no idea about cycling, so how come u expect them to attend these tours?

     I think we can manage it! We start the tours with our friends and then with our friends' friends... As result, people will see how we could manage it and they start cycling... : )

Ur right we must consider influence, after all nothing is impossible.

aziz you're right but people dont know what are the cycling's  benefits. so we can tell them with different ways man!!

That's what we have been discussing for all this time.
make sure u got the point :)