You are hereFrom the city to the land of milk and honey and happy cows

From the city to the land of milk and honey and happy cows

By Katrin_ger - Posted on 14 April 2010


From the city to the land of milk honey and happy cows ;)

Our cycling route will lead you from the city to the beautiful countryside of Bremen.
It is 14 kilometers long and it will probably take one hour to get there.
We will start in the city center at the “Marktplatz”,
a very historic place with old buildings,for exemple our town hall.
After visiting some sights in the City, like the Roland or the “Bremer Stadtmusikanten” we’ll leave the centre and continue our tour through the “Bürgerpark”.
From there we’ll get to the “Blockland” and have a break at the ice cream palour “Kaemena” which is famous for its yummy bio ice cream with milk from happy cows.
You can visit them, it’s very countrified there.

Road surface: 

Spring:   The weather might be a bit to cold and rainy for cycling,
            but there are nice and sunny days as well. 
Summer: It is sunny most of the time, the temperature is very
            comfortable and nice but be carefull not to stay too long in the sun.
Fall:       It mostly rains, the wind is very strong and it's getting cold.
             but sometimes the sun comes out and then it' s also very nice.
Winter:  we wouldn't recomment riding a bike, due to ice on the streets and the cold.


Bremen has an ancient history. The first written records are from 778,
it s the legend of the "Bremer Gluckhenne". To look it up click on the link below: