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Inca-Selva (Mallorca)

By leni.villalonga - Posted on 02 April 2010

The cycling route from Inca to Selva is one of the most beautiful in Mallorca. You can see the Serra de Tramuntana mountains which are the biggest mountains in Mallorca. For many years these mountains have been dedicated to the breeding of sheep and goats, the growth of olive, orange and lemon trees. You can see the typical beautiful old town of Selva. The trip is very interesting so we hope you will enjoy it because it is a very good way of learning things about Mallorca.

Road surface: 
In the summer it’s very hot and it doesn’t rain as much as in autumn or in winter, when it also snows sometimes. It is better to cycle in summer because you can enjoy your time better than in autumn or winter when it may often rain.

The town of Selva is one of the oldest of the island. It was founded by Jaume I, the conqueror of Mallorca, in 1248 . The typical things you can find in Selva are shoes and leather products. ( In the photo: The town of Selva and the Tramuntana mountains ).

Legs in this cycling route: