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By Chiara Romanato - Posted on 26 March 2010

One of the most beautiful cycling route in Italia.
The Adda Nord park includes the lands crossed by the Adda river till the lake of Lecco valley and it was inaugurated in 1983.
In this area we can find the hydraulic works of Leanoardo da Vinci, who lived during the 16th century, near the City of Trezzo sull'Adda.
There are also other important historical monuments across this important waterway, for example the iron bridge of Paderno-Calusco and the industrial settlement dating back to the 19th century, situated in Crespi d'Adda, now protected by Unesco as patrimony of mankind. the content was created by Laura and Tia :)

Road surface: 

Best periods to visit this area are Spring and Autumn, but Winter could be also interesting. Average temperature is 20 in Summer and it's possible to find a beautiful sun. Milan has a humide subtropical climate, although with some continental characteristics, similar to much oh northern Italy's inland plain, where hot, humid summers and cold, wet winter prevail. This is in contrast with the Mediterranea climate characteristic of most of Italy.


Naviglio Martesana:
Planned and designed by Leonardo da Vinci and opened in 1496, the artificial waterway "Naviglio Martesana" was used to connect Milan to Adda river and also to the lake of Como.
From '600, near its sides, some wonderful noble houses were built, where the upper classes of the city of Milan came to spend their holidays.