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My Diary

                                                           First Day...
Hello,Czech Republic!=)
I wonder what awaits us..?!
First Day...
After a very tiring but a pleasant journey, the Czech Republic ...=)I was so excited for the first time.Of course, very cold.We saw an event we can not predict in airport.Oh my God!We felt very strange.=)
He is Artem?Yees!He is Artem.Sympathetic boy..He is speaking english very well..We are ready..Artem has got a red mınıbus.We are back of the car.(I,Hilal and Aziz).Yıldız,Özdemir and Apo is in front of the car.After 3 hours, we will be in Moravske..
-Aziz! Charles Bridge! :D
-Yes,Kübra..Charles Bridge!
-Look at here! Another
-Wait for me Charles Bridge!!
- :D :D :D
After this funny journey..In Moravske. In front of the bus station is crowded..There are our friends.They are our Czech friends.With black hat and blonde hair girl is very sweet..(Janula=)).Then,I saw Sara =) Just then,I saw Sarka..They are good friends.And Karel=))He is very good and sweet person=)We chose our friends and went to home.I met with her sister and her sister's boy friend.They are really very sweet=)When we come home,I felt very tired.I met Sara's father.He is really very good person.Sara's mother is not here.She went to doctor in Germany.First night,we talked about our country with Sara.Then,we played games.After that,we decided to sleep.Today was tiring but was fun...See you tomorrow


                                                                 Second Day...
   When I woke up I felt ill.I think I'm ill.Sara called me and we had a breakfast.Then we went to bus station for meet with our turkish friens.We went to play bowling all together.But didn’t play bowling in my life.It was fırst.Firstly, I can’t but then I can play.Finally we were defeated=).We drank something here.Karel says, ''What do you want to drink?''We say, ''Karaçay''.Karel says, ''Karaçay.''After bowling we went to a tower.It was very high.When we went to tower I called my mother.I say, ''It’s very high.I'm afraid!''.She says, ''Don’t be afraid.Where is your teacher?'':D Then everyone is giong to Czech friends’ home.See you tomorrow..
   In home..
  We are bored..We can sleep or go on internet..Of course, internet=) I spoke my family and my friends on facebook..and we spoke Yıldız and Sarka on skype..Because tomorrow we going to go to Sarka's home with Sara..And we were tired..I think we must sleep =)
   Goog Night!

                                                                          Third Day...
   Today,We went to Jıhlava..It's -10 celsius degree and I wore a skirt :D.I was very cold!And we walked around the city.Then we went to the zoo.We had a very enjoyable time..After zoo, we went to 'city park' for do shopping.I took a lot of present for my family and my best friend.Then we had a lunch ın KFC.Cashier does not know English.We have used a method for give an orders...
-Jedna jedna jedna cola, jedna jedna apple juice :D (Aziz)
   And then, we went to home but Sarka's home..Sarka's home was nice..Her mother and sister, Radka was really sweet people..We were very tired and bored.We decided go to the ice-hockey..It was very cold but ıt was really wonderful...Then we went to back home and we decided sleep...
                                                                Goog Night!!
                                                           Fourth Day...
    Hi! Today, we went to Trebic by bus.We went to look on St.Prokop basilica.After we went to Jewish town and visited both Sinagogs.It was really interesting.We took a lot of pictures.And we took a lot of present again in Trebic.Then,we went to skiing..!Oh my God..I can't! Sarka took my arm, Sara took my other arm.But,I fell:D.Aziz dropped me.Whatever,ıt was really very nice..Franta is good at skiing.Yıldız,too.They were very wonderful..After we went to back..
   Today we came to Sara’s home.We’ll stayed here all together.We watched the film.’’Angels and Demons’’.It was very nice.Today was last day in this home:(Tomorrow we'll go to Prag,Alia Hostel..I'm sorry..Whatever...Then, we felt too tired and decided to sleep..
                                            See you tomorrow!
                                                        Fifth Day
   We woke is last day in home.I’m really sorry but also I’m very excited for go to Prag..We went to  kitchen for breakfast.Sara’s mother went to from Germany.She is really sweet.
She prepared something form me.. She took salami from turkey for me :) Then we had breakfast.
After that we went to bus station for meet other guys and teachers..
   And time to go..We are very very sorry..And last pictures…When we took a picture we said all together…
-Ahojj! =) 
Ahojj Sara!
Ahoj Sarka!
Ahoj Martina!
Ahoj Janula!
Ahoj Veroo!
And, Ahoj Karel and Franta! :(
   We'll go to Prag soon...
We are going to on way..It's fun..But, we are tired..We decided to sleep :)... When we woke up we were still on way.After two hours we'll be in Prag.
We are in Prag! =)))