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Czech My Diary Out!

By AzizGurpinar - Posted on 10 March 2010



The alarm went off at 5.00am and although my mind knew it I had to get out of bed. Somehow, I managed to haul myself to through the shower. My teacher came to pick me up. Then we went to the airport. Several hours later, we were in İstanbul. The security men did not let me take my shower gel to Prague. =( I’ll never forgive them!! =D “Hey, guys! It’s time to fly to Prague!” Everybody got excited. I was about to jump! =D I would fly over one of my favourite cities(Budapest), and it would be my first time abroad that was why!

That was not a dream! I checked once again. That wasn’t a dream at all. =D


I can not describe that feeling. :F I was in CR!

Thank God, everything went well. We could find Belarussian our guide, Artem, easily. He came and took us with a minibus and we chortled all trip long. =D

We saw many bridges in Prague and Kübra claimed that they were all Charles Bridge. =D (even the footbridges, lol)

And we were in MB! I took my suitcase, and found my partner, who would be my guide, my friend for 4 days.

Jana’s uncle picked us up and we got home.

I met her mum. Even though it was my first day in CR, I got used to it.

Several hours later we went juggling, it was my first time to juggle. It was so hard, but Jana can juggle well. She can even juggle fire!

We went to a place where you can see whole Trebič.

At home, we wanted to watch movie. We tried to watch an English film which contains Czech subtitles. But the actors had very bad English accent so I could understand only 60% of the things they said. =D We decided do watch a cartoon because in that cartoon people weren’t speaking. =D

It has been such a long day! I was exhausted! Everybody mumbles that first days are always a bit of a strain, but mine was not so. =)

I took a nap earlier than I do as usual. We traveled all day long that was why I was so tired.