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Diary,Note: Thank You Czech Republic!!

By yizosh - Posted on 27 February 2010

First, thank you Czech! You are very kind and hospitable.And thanks for my partner Sarka and her family.I don't forget Karel,Franta,Artem and Ksenia.Thank you again...
I think Czech Republic is  beautiful country.It is very archaic.Everywhere full of history.Builgings,Bridges,Streets,Towers,Churches. Everywhere! I miss Moravske.I miss my friends.I miss everything about Czech Republic.I want to come back so much.And I will.
 I love Czech Republic!



I was at the airport at 6:30 am.But My father and I were the ones who came last to the airport.:D And I said goodbye to my father and go to Istanbul then Prague.:)
My travel was wonderful! I took photos in plane :D Actually, our travel was perfect! Because Hilal,Aziz,Kübra and I had funny. When we arrived our guide (Artem) came and we left airport.The weather was so cold!!! Freezing cold:D And after that we go to Moravske Budejovice by Artem's minibus.:)
When the minibus stopped, I was scared. Because I didn't know anybody.New people,new faces,new world.Everbody chose their partner and I chose

Šárka Doležalová.  Šárka's grandfather picked us by his car and we went to Šárka's home.In home, I met her family and ate dinner.After that, I went to bed and  dreamed :D

to be continued.. :D

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Thank you very much for your emotional contribution, Yıldız! I'm really glad you enjoyed the stay here and I hope you will come again.