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My Diary - Czech Republic, the best place I've ever been to...

By hilal_tr - Posted on 16 February 2010

Thank you all for this great, wonderful week. My Czech friends, especially Veronika, who shared her room with me, Franta, Karel, who made us feel like home and Artem and Ksenia, our guides in Prague..
I don' t know how to thank and I can' t explain my feelings now.. I was crying a bit in the airplane while we were going from Prag to Istanbul, because I was feeling like one of you, my Czech friends..
Miss the days in Czech Republic...

  - DAY ONE -

   We were at the airport at 6:30 am to go to Istanbul then Prague. :) Our trip was soo fun! When we arrived Prague, our guide came and took us with a minibus to Moravske Budejovice. He drove us there about 3 hours and hey! there we were!!! :)
    When we got off from the minibus, we were so excited that we couldn' t even know what to say to our Czech friends..  Espicially me. :D Because being with a friend who can't speak your language feels soo different! Our teacher said to us to pick a friend. And I choosed Veronika. I knew her becouse we spoke before on the internet. :)
     Veronika's mom picked us up and we went to
Krnčice where we were staying in.. When we got home, we just talked a little and then watched movie.. I was so tired so I went to bed a little early that day..

  - DAY TWO -
   About 10-11 am we went to Moravské Budějovice, the village where I and Veronika were staying. We went to school and talked about plans for our days in Moravské Budějovice. We had a snack at noon and then went to museum. There were a lot of historical things there... Then we went to a tower. Actually it didn't look so high but when we tried to climb up the stairs, we understood that it was higher than we thought! :D The city looked great from the tower. But unfortunately, the weather was so windy and cold plus it was snowing.. so we got down soon. While I was getting down, I fall off from the stairs :D well, it hurt a little. :D
  After that we went to play bowling. First, I didn't play but after, I found myself playing.. :D We had two teams: Turkish Team and Czech Team. Czech team won the game twice!! :D We drunk our tea, juice etc. and we all went home That was for today..


"Day three, four, five, six and seven are coming soon! :) "


Thank you, Hilal, for your kind words. You'll come back again, you'll see.

Best wishes,

 I share all your feelings and to confess,I cried a lot on the way to Trabzon.How come we have made such cute and good friends.It is as if we had known each other for years.
I should also state that you were very good companions and am looking forward to travelling with you for a second time.
I will always miss everybody from Czech Rep. and Belarus...