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Working at website layout - How you could proceed

By DrupalAdm - Posted on 21 November 2009

Dear Students, here another task for you! We need someone who want to work at the layout of our website, choosing the "theme" form and drawing icons and banners.

You sholud download and instal:
- easyphp from Setup at a glance a pre-configured Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP environment on your system or on a USB drive and develop or present locally your projects.
- drupal from This is opensource CSM project. Find your favourite "theme" at, personalize it and share it with other students to draw our own layout.

The logo choosen during the 2010 Bremen meeting.


 Here are some of my logos. =)

Logo 1

Logo 2

Logo 3

Logo 4

Logo 5

Logo 6

Logo 7  

I think that the site needs three columns......

Dear Yizosh,
I like your logo very much, thanks.

Thanks Alfredo,

 I liked that one, too.

Glad to hear you liked it.:) :] =)

HI !!!
We are Michele and Andrea of italian team.
We have found a nice theme by drupal, we think that this theme is very nice and original.,
this theme is simple and young-looking but with other colors to make it more fresh-looking and interesting for all, on top of page we can put our logo. let us know  what you think about that ?? what colors do you suggest?? 

Dear friends,

look at some logos from Turkish students, please.

- Irem
- Vaspho
- Izosh