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Diary of Ramiro

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Monday, 8 February 2010:

I woke up at 7:10 a.m. like a normal day, I arrived at the school at 08:05, like a normal day. One teacher looked at me with a bad face, like every day. It was a normal day.

The classes were normal, but when the teacher who teaches the last Monday class was going to make his job I saw from the window that the Italian group was arriving with the bus I stayed seeing they from the window because I couldn't recognize Andrea Nolli, my exchange partner. Esteve, who was my only classmate who took part of the exchange, said me that we have to go to the Catalan class but he stayed with me searching his exchange partner. After this we go into the class (one teacher was going up the stairs).

When we were into the class Miky (the English teacher) knocked at the door and he said that we have to go down because the Italians had arrived (what a surprise! ¬¬). we met they and we went to the school cafeteria. There we ate sandwiches and we drunk a coca-cola that Cati (the women that works at the café) gave to we.

After this we showed our school to they, and later that the Italians knew it everybody went to my house to be in a friendly ambient. There we played Fifa10 on the play station and and listened to music.

When it was already the 21:00 we went to eat hamburgers to Burger King and later we went to S'art, a little pub of Inca. We stayed there drinking and laughing and when it was already 00:30 we return to my house to sleep, but when we were at our respective beds I put the radio and I show to Andrea one “porn” radio program. It was hard to translate what the people was saying on the radio, but we were laughing until 1:20.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010:

We woke up at 7:15 and we met at the school to go to Ca'n Picafort. There we rented bicycles to go to Port d'Alcudia. When we were riding the bicycles I greeted two mens who were at the other side of the street , and Adela (