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Adela's Diary

By Mattia Rossi - Posted on 11 February 2010





The Italian boys of the comenius came to Majorca on Monday at 14.00.Later we had lunch at the cafeteria of the our school. We had  sandwiches and later we went to the  library and we introduced our school,Pau Casesnoves. The Italian boys too introduced their school.

After the presentation I,Mattia,Juana,Giovani,Xisca,Alexander,Jaume and Luca, went to my house to leave the luggage there. At 17.30/18.00 all the boys and girls went to Ramiro's house and there we played  PS3.After playing  PS3 Mattia,Juana,Giovani,Xisca,Alex,Jaume and Luca returned to my house.Finally my partner and I had some  meat for dinner and later we went to sleep.




The second day we woke up early and we had breakfast. We had  milk with cacao,coffee,snacks,juice for breakfast.Later we went to school and bought sandwiches for the excursion . After that  we went to Can Picafort by bus and there we rented the bicycles in a shop . Later we went to The park natural called the “Albufera” and we saw a lot of birds. Later we went to the beach and too went to the restaurant in Alcudia. We ate “ macarrones, estofado, natilla and coffee”. This day rain a lot of and we got wet. At the 17.00 we return to the school and decided the plans on the night .Later we went to my house and my partner swam in the pool. After that Mattia swam at pool Tia shower and later I shower .Later all the people of the project except the teachers ate in my house of typical food of Majorca. Later we went out to pub in Inca called sart. Finally we returned at 2.00 and we went to bed.




We woke up at 7.00 and we had breakfast of the same of Tuesday. Later we went at the train station and went to Palma. We visited the cathedral,the small museum ,city... At 14.00 we went to ate to the KFC and finally all the boys and girls went to the park of station . After returned to Inca and went to school for play basketball .At 20.00 Mattia and I returned at my house and there we ate typical food of Majorca for dinner : “pa amb oli” . Finally at 22.00 we went to a pub,the same of the Tuesday and we were staying there three hours .