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Diary of Comenius Project by Fabio

By fabio piccolo - Posted on 11 February 2010

 Monday 8/02:  We arrived to Palma's airport at about 13 40, ad here we were welcomed by Miguel, our paretner's english teacher, who brought us to the school in Inca, where we met our partners Catalina, Jennifer, Juana, Xisca, Adela, Aline, another Jennifer, Jaume, Ramiro and Esteve. We visited the school and had a lunch, and than our partners shown us a presentation of the school, and we had to improvise a presentation of ours. Our partners decided to make an aperitive at Ramiro's house in the evening before going out, so we came to our partner's house's to prepare us and I knew Cata's mother and brother. Cata and I went to pick up Papa and Jennifer to go to Ramiro's house, so met Jennifer's brother.

In Ramiro's home, we played Fifa 10 and listened to music, and then we went to the Burger King to have dinner.


Tuesday 9/02: It was raining, but we took some bycicles and went for a tour to the Albufera Natural Park. It was a nice trip, unfortunately damaged by this damned rain. We went also to the beach to have some relax, and then, we went to Alcudia for lunch. During the afternoon the rain became so heavy that we had to call a bus to come and take us back to Inca.
In the evening, we all went to Adela's house to have a party and it was a really great night.


Wednesday 10/02:  We went to Palma in the morning to visit it. The weather was sunny and windy and loved the town, which is similar to Lecce. We went to the Palma's Cathedral, a huge batiment which was built in the V century and made bigger and bigger in the succesives centuries. After that, we had lunch at Kentucky Friend Chicken and went to the park to have some rest. Before coming back to Inca, we went to a bar, and Ramiro missed the train, so he arrived to Inca later than us. We went to the school to play basketball and my team lost drastically, even if Esteve had joined us. Than, for the first time, we had dinner with ours partner's families, so I spoke to Cata's brother and parents. In the evening, we tried to find a disco, but the only open one was for adults only, so we went to the pub to drink something.


Thursday 11/02: The weather is bad and so we had to change our plans. We had planned to go to the market place, but it's raining and so we are writing the diaries in the computer's room.