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German Team

By ewaltke - Posted on 24 January 2010

New Students:

Robert Schönholz
Ada Ross
Dörte Schimmel
Franziska Koch

Welcome girls and boys. Please let me know the user names you chose, as I can give you the right to publish pages.

Hey, just wanted to mention that Max' last name is "Göhrs" and not Ghors". =)

Thanks, I am changing it.

Hello Everybody in the German Team,

Hope you're fine. See you in April.

Kind regards,

Ciao and welcome all of you. Nice to "virtually" meet again!!

its great being registered :D

It worked...
Guess I'm registered now.. (or something like that ...)
So, Hello everyone...

Hey there everyone^^


in :D

hi there,

i'm one of the new bremen users ;-)

Great! :D

 Hİİ. ı am MELiha from Turkeyy.. we are going to come to bremen with our schooL .. I thnk Laura knows aLa .. I am her best friend ..I 'd be pLeased to be added by aLL of uu ..

Nice to meet you!
Ala has told me something about you because of I'm going to Bremen with my best friend, so it will be quite the same for you and Ala! =)
I hope I will meet you to Bremen's meeting! Bye!