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My second Moravské diary

I would like to write something about the amazing week when foreign students came here to Moravské.
Monday 2nd May
In the evening the foreign students came to Moravské by bus. We introduced each other and I met my guest for next few days – Isaac. Then we went home, because the students were quite tired after a long journey.
Tuesday 3rd May


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Thinking of Türkiye and More

Our Dear Turkish Friends,

Thank you very much for your hospitality, kindness and friendliness, for enabling us to stay with you and looking after us so well! It was great and all of us enjoyed it a lot! I know we should write our blogs in English here, but I would like to thank you in your mother tongue: Teşekkürler!

I'm listening to beautiful Turkish music and thinking of you, your beautiful country and the days we spent together.

My Gorgonzola Diary

27/10/2010 Monday
We arrived to Milan, then went to Cadorna with Malpensa Express and met there our host families. My host family was Andrea´s family. In the evening we went for dinner to Andrea´s friends.
28/10/2010 Tuesday

My Diary, my Feelings :)

What to say about the visit in Trabzon? I do not know the right words. Everything was more than amazing, charming, beautiful ... I am very happy that I could attend it.

Amazing meeting in Turkey! (my diary)

 Hi guys

I would like to write here something about our meeting in Turkey, about my feelings, cycling and great people:-)

The words as great, amazing, awesome, beautiful are not suitable for my feelings... everything was more better and I felt as Queen!
I could do everything what I love (cycling, travelling, eating) together with the best people who are funny, nice and so lovely.

A suggesstion for an object to represent our project


As there is a pottery lathe in our school, we suggest making an object using pottery clay. The object could have any suitable shape and the students could engrave a logo, a picture or an inscription in it, and then we would bake it in the oven. Everyone would produce a hand-made original to be shared with the others. What do you think? By the way, originally this was Franta's idea.

Karel, Standa & Franta