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Why "cycling in Europe"

We would like to cooperate with people from other countries on the theme of sustainable mobility, that for its importance and complexity can’t be limited and faced at national level. Through the participation in the European cooperation we hope to promote cycling among young people, and, through the dissemination of the produced documentation , to raise the interest of local communities on the importance of planning and designing cycle paths, both to increase public and road safety, because planning and designing for cycling and walking enhances safety in the public space, and to promote health as walking and cycling is a way yo exercise and to reduce the impact of pollution, danger and noise caused by motor vehicles. At the same time we want to share information and ideas on the different national and/or local policies on sustainable development.

We want to involve students, teachers and scholastic communities in the development of products that are not limited to educational fields, but that cross the boundaries of scholastic and national areas to be available to everyone in the European Union.

We think that working together on common and real problems is the best way to know and meet different cultures and scholastic systems. We, teachers and students, hope to improve our ability to work in an international team, to be ready and participate at the building of an European school community.

Fill in our questionnaire about everyday life with bikes and bike tourism, please.

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